How to use Acombi

Register a unique account username & password along with a valid email address, Your email address must be valid or you will not be able to activate your account. It will allow you to receive new offers and discounts from Acombi every week - if you wish. To register now Click Here.



Browse through the site by choosing from the departments menu at the top of your screen or use the search function if you already know what you want. We've got some awesome deals that you wont find anywhere else so have a good look..



Once you have an account you are free to deposit an amount of your choice and convert it to credit*. There is no maximum limit and deposits can be made from as little as £1 which can be refunded at any time.

*why do i need to buy credit?


After topping up your credit you are ready to start spreading your money further. Click the 'Add to my balance' button on your product and confirm the amount by clicking on the 'confirm transfer' button. This will then transfer the amount shown from your credit to your balance.



How Credit and Transfers work...

This is the product balance box, it shows you how much you have saved toward a product. It also shows what product you are saving
toward and how much it will be in total.

Balance Box.jpg

This is how to transfer credit from your account to your product.